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For over 200 years, soft-hackle flies (sometimes called spiders) have been effectively catching fish in waters ranging from fast moving streams to calm lakes. Simple yet deadly, these wet flies have a very life-like action in the water and are great at imitating emergers, nymphs, and drowning flies. Tied around a size 14 Mustad hook, our Soft-Hackle set provides you with patterns to explore all fishing situations. Each fly is tied with premium hackle and a dubbed wing-casing, adding a bit of attractive color to get more bites as well as mimic an emerging fly or nymph. Package colors:

Black with Orange casing

Brown Grizzly with Yellow casing

Cream with Green casing

Orange Grizzly with Black casing

Olive with Tan casing

Dun and Brown with a Cream casing

Soft-Hackle 6-Pack

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