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Since the early 1950s this spinnerbait has been one of the most iconic fishing lures. Known for catching both numerous fish as well as big fish, they are one of the most versatile baits on the market.


As a result of its effectiveness and versatility, the design of the spinnerbait has remained relatively unchanged in the 70+ years it has been on the market. However, as we learn more about fish biology and behavior, we now know that fish avoid lures that they've seen or have been caught on before.  


So what's different about these spinnerbaits?


The Dakota Blades!


Blades are the heart and soul of any spinnerbait, but the spinnerbaits that are on the market today are all pretty much the same.  Colorado, Indiana, and Willow Leaf blades all adorn the aisles of your local tackle shop.  How many have you seen with a Dakota Blade?


The unique vibration and flash that these blades produce are something that the fish in your local waters have never felt or seen before.  Since these tend to be new for most fish, they have not yet developed the avoidance behavior like they have for other lures, including your common spinnerbaits.  If you're fishing a body of water that is heavily pressured or are looking for that one lure you don't have yet, these spinnerbaits are for you!


These spinnerbaits have been designed with intentional skirt and blade color combinations, ideal for fishing various unique fishing condition.  The built-in barb behind the head of the spinnerbait allows you to securely attach the soft plastic trailer of your choice!

Tremor Dakota Blade Spinnerbait

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