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About Us

Located in Saint Charles County (MO), Land & Tackle is dedicated to providing local anglers with the information and tools they need to be successful on the water.  Whether you're heading out for a couple hours or a weekend trip, we have what you need to be successful at your local lake.

What is Land & Tackle?

The amount of material to assist anglers is overwhelming.  Online videos, topography maps, and social media all can help the average angler improve their skills.  Unfortunately, the majority of the tools available tend to be more geared towards bigger lakes, bigger boats and high-tech gear.

ENTER Land & Tackle!

There are countless lakes in and around Missouri.  Some you can put in a boat, some you can rent boats, and the rest are bank-fishing only. The problem with these lakes is they are often heavily fished. 


My goal is to provide YOU with the tools necessary to out fish everyone else on these lakes.  Whether you are looking for that "secret spot" on your favorite lake, information on what the fish are biting on or you're simply looking to fill your tackle box with handcrafted lures for your next fishing trip, L & T has you covered.

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