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An angler must always be looking to grow their knowledge and understanding of the fish they are after.  Reading up on new techniques and gear along with reviewing successes and failures of past fishing trips allow us to grow as anglers.

The fishing journal contains articles and fishing reports from my recent trips.  The information within the links below have been gathered both by my own personal experiences over the past decades, as well as countless hours of research in my attempt to grow as a fisherman.  Not only is it a way for me to provide YOU with new tips and tricks on landing the big one, but it also holds me accountable and forces me to learn as much as I can about our sport.

Fishing Articles

From fish biology to lure presentation, all the way to landing the big fish, read up on new and tried-and-true ways to make that next fishing trip one to remember.


Local Fishing Reports

If you're an angler in and around the St. Charles, MO area, this is for you!  Get updated reports on fishing the lakes around you!

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