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Local Fishing Report 8/30/2023

Lake Fished: Fort Zumwalt Park Lake

Conditions: HOT but cloudy! Temps in the 90s, Winds from the East at 6MPH.


With the heavy cloud cover, I decided to run out to Fort Zumwalt Park and work a little topwater. 

Topwater works great in low-light conditions, as bass are more likely to be looking up without the sun in their eyes.


I started off working from the dam and walking towards the north end of the lake.  I was testing a prototype of a Plopper style lure made by yours truly.  After fan casting at different parts of the bank, I got my first hit. Fan casting is just a fancy term for standing in one spot and casting in a semi-circle around you.


Towards the north end of the lake, I worked a pocket that made its way under a foot bridge.  I was able to cast my lure across to the other bank and worked the lure back at a steady pace.  Right in the middle of the pocket, I got hit.


The largemouth gulped the topwater lure into his mouth, but the sharp hooks held him and I had my first fish on the board.


I would repeat this for the next hour or so, resulting in two more fish caught and one lost.


Despite the heat, the fish did not appear to be in very deep water.  Oftentimes, without the heat of the sun beating down, the water may feel slightly cooler in the shadows. 


I worked around part of the lake a second time with a popper plug but did not get any hits.


After sweating like a pig, I decided to call it a day and head home.


Moral of the story: if its summer and the clouds hide the sun, throw a topwater!

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