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4/24/2024 Fishing Report

Lakes fished: August A. Busch Conservation Area Lake 30; Community Club Lake (Rotary Park)

Over the past couple weeks, I have been out fishing local lakes.  As the bass are in the throws of the spawning cycle, now is a great time to get out and try to catch your PB!

Earlier this month, I went to August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area.  Focusing on Lake 30, I started fishing along the wind-blown levee, hoping to find some active pre-spawners.  I tried fishing with a 4WD Squarebill and a Zoom Fluke but had no luck.  I did not see any fish up shallow either, indicating they had not yet pushed towards their beds.

Last week looked more promising.  I went out to Rotary Park in Wentzville and fished Community Club Lake.  Just a week or so was enough time to see the males push up into the shallows and look for their eventual spawning areas.

Several bass (mostly between 12-15 inches) were hunkered down in open areas within the quickly thickening grass. It’s also important to note that these fish were spotted on the shallower end of the lake rather than up against the levee.

I tried sight fishing for these males, but no  dice.

I was able to get a bite throwing a bladed jig.  The bass came barreling out from the edge of the weeds, indicating the more aggressive fish are still out a bit deeper.

As April starts to wind down, the bass are really going to be pushing to spawn.  That is as long as the water conditions and weather stay stable long enough for them to do their business.

If you’re looking to sight fish, stay as far back from the bank as possible.  Once you see the fish, they see you.  If you do spot a fish, take note of where it was and come back later.  You also may want to use more finesse tactics, such as small, weightless soft plastics or finesse jigs.

If you want to use more power-fishing tactics, you will want to wait for wind and clouds.  Focus on wind-blown banks just outside of shallow pockets and coves. My  go-to baits would be squarebills, bladed jigs, and spinnerbaits.

It’s getting good folks.  Get out and fish!

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