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Busch Fishing Report 4/11/2023

Updated: May 14, 2023

Lakes Fished: 24, 27, 26

Conditions: Sunny, Wind 7-12 MPH

Waiting on the Big Girls

The small males are becoming more abundant in the shallow end of the lakes but the big females are still absent.

I started off the day fishing lake 24. Starting at the shallow end opposite of the dam, I didn’t immediately find any fish shallow. I slowly worked my way down the bank, fishing with a spinnerbait and fluke trying to find the fish.

I fished down the dam and did not find any fish shallow there, but was able to catch a small bass in heavy wood cover roughly 30 feet off the bank using a wacky worm. I naturally missed another one on the wacky worm near that same log.

Although that section of the lake did not hold many fish shallow, I decided to walk around the back side of the lake. As it would turn out, the shallow, flat area of the lake did hold several small bass up shallow. Although plentiful, these fish were cautious. The crystal-clear water also didn’t serve me well as they would shoot away from their holding areas at the first sight of me.

I decided to move to lake 27. With my increasingly fussy 7mon. old son strapped to my chest, I was only able to fish a short while down the bank. Again, fishing down the dam end of the bank resulted in no bass being seen but I did get a bite on a wacky rig again against woody cover.

I was able to briefly walk around lake 26 right next door. In this bathtub sized pond, the fish were more in their spawning habits. Although I did not see any females, there were plenty of males on their beds. However, much like lake 24, they were wary and not willing to bite. As an added tidbit, if you are looking to catch carp, there were several quite large fish swimming around in the shallows of lake 26. If that is something you are interested in, go there.

My suggestions for this week would be to fish the shallow ends of the lakes first, and if nothing happens there, work your way deeper. In the shallows, try using small soft plastics such as a ned rig, wacky rig or the Land and Tackle Intruder Finesse Jig. You may also be able to catch a few early in the morning on topwater. For this time of year, I think the smaller the lure, the better.

We are suppose to get some rain on Saturday. That may dirty up the water a bit which should move more fish shallow. Colors like Black & Blue or Fire Tiger can be great if the water gets muddy.

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