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Busch Fishing Report 4/4/2023

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Bucks Moving Up

Lakes Fished: 19, 5

Conditions: Sunny, South Winds at 10-20 MPH

It is certainly the pre-spawn at Busch Wildlife!

I started off the day by fishing Lake 19. The water is still cold and with the previous rain we received, the water was stained. That, along with the wind convinced me to start off the day by throwing a spinnerbait. Throwing the spinners around points just outside of spawning flats and all the way down the dam proved fruitless.

After the spinnerbait, I started throwing a weightless soft jerkbait in and around spawning areas. After trying a few different areas, I was able to find the fish. These fish were all in shallow water, maybe two feet, and were under floating algae. Also, they only seemed to bite in the one part of the lake that was completely sheltered from the wind. Although these were smaller fish, it was nice to finally get a bite.

After Lake 19, I moved to Lake 5. The water here was a little clearer but there was less shelter from the wind. The fish here were not to be found shallow, but rather along the dam in and around wooded cover. Again, the fish came on a weightless soft jerkbait.

Although there were not many fish to be found just yet, with the warmer weather we are to get this week, the fish should really start getting shallow. I would not be surprised if some of the bigger females were to start coming up looking for a good feed before they start spawning.

In the clearer water, I would certainly continue to use a soft jerkbait or wacky rigged worm. If you are looking to use a moving bait, I would recommend throwing a spinnerbait or a squarebill crankbait if the water was dirty. It is my humble opinion that it may be a little early to throw anything topwater.

If you plan on going fishing this weekend, be sure to stop by the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market on Saturday morning at The Meadows and find our booth to stock up before you hit the water!

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