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Local Fishing Report 5/13/2023

Lake Fished: Community Club Lake (Rotary Park)

Conditions: Cloudy, Winds ESE 7-10MPH

Topwater Bite is ON!!

I was able to sneak out for a bit and fish the lake at Rotary Park this week. With the cloudy conditions and my belief that most of the bass are post-spawn, I decided to start off by throwing a small popper plug. It paid off fast.

Although none of the fish were massive, I ended up catching 6 bass on topwater lures.

The fish were sitting about 20 yards off the bank. It also didn’t seem like I needed to be super targeted with my casts. As long as the fish were in the general vicinity, they would attack.

I made my way about 2/3 around the lake before the sun came out. As soon as that happened, the topwater bite stopped.

This is a fairly normal experience for me. I know anglers who swear up and down they catch bass on topwater in sunny conditions, but I have never had much luck with that.  Low light conditions are optimal for topwater fishing.

After the sun came out, I went back to those same spots I caught fish earlier and fished them again. I was able to catch an additional 4 fish using both a green pumpkin/chartreuse wacky worm and a white Land & Tackle Tremor Spinnerbait.

I continue to believe the major spawning period is over. I’m sure there are some bass that have not yet spawned, but the small lakes around the area have really warmed up and I’m starting to see bluegill beds, which leads me to believe your best bet is to fish post-spawn conditions. If you still want to fish for spawning bass, I think your last chance will be to fish a couple days before and after the next new moon on May 19th.

For those of you wondering why I believe this, bass will spawn throughout the spring. However, the major spawning times tend to occur around the full moons and the new moons.

Getting some solid results on the water? Let us know what you’re catching ‘em on @landandtackle!

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